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Senior Wellness News is a media/information service devoted to baby boomers and senior citizens, and the families who support them. Senior Wellness News offers unbiased information through a variety of outlets, including:

Syndicated column: Published in more than 400 newspapers and magazines across the country, Senior Wellness News is the No. 1 information column written for boomers and seniors in the USA.
At Senior Wellness News we strive to keep you updated on wellness, safety, securing your future and giving refreshing positive news.

Giving today's seniors the proper care and resources is goal number one

Here at Senior Wellness News, we provide the resources for seniors to be informed all the while helping local businesses find these excellent, responsible, financially secure seniors of which make up the largest demographic of disposable income in the US

Our Clients Say

  1. We avoided getting scammed because of one of your articles. We cannot express our gratitude enough!
    Geoff O'Sullivan
    Geoff O'Sullivan
  2. I enjoy reading your publication. It is not just all ads. I get value every time I pick it up. I have seen it at three different doctors offices.
    Brenda Cosner
    Brenda Cosner
  3. Your publication is packed with helpful hints for staying on track with our health and finances. Thank you for the effort.
    Carl Strickland
    Carl Strickland

Why We Chose Baby Boomers & Seniors

Too many seniors are left feeling alone or vulnerable in todays changing and fast paced world. We want to help them continue to be updated on safety and wellness issues that will allow them an "Independent Lifestyle" as long as possible. With proper care from the communities best medical facilities, financial advisors and activities, seniors can live a happier, healthier life. If you ever need a referral or help, we are here for you.