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Where Seniors Are Spending Their Money

Seniors have the greatest financial security of any group in a recent survey done by Steve Vernon, a consulting research scholar for the center's financial security division. In 2000, 45- to 54-year-olds topped the index, with 75 percent being financially secure. By 2014, that group dropped to 68 percent, while the score for 65- to 74-year-olds increased to 69 percent. The group with the lowest financial security is 25- to 34-year-olds, with only about half (56 percent) being financially secure in 2014. Stanford researchers calculated the financial security index by averaging nine financial metrics including cash flow, emergency savings, assets and insurance coverage.
It has been said that "more millionaires live in trailers, in Florida then anywhere in the world" Many retirees come to Florida to enjoy the warm, tropical weather. They come to enjoy the fine restaruants and entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, the seniors of today do a lot more then just play bingo, although it is still a popular pastime.
Seniors are considered "Super Spenders".  This particular demographic is over 50 years of age and has a yearly income of $100,000.00 or more.
Seniors offer great financial opportunities truly need a safe, sound voice. Why not be that guiding voice for them?
Numbers are monthly averages based on lifestyle changes going into retirement
Housing ($1,232 per month) Homes typically paid off or couples often downsize due to not needing as much space.
Transportation ($579 per month) Once you retire, however, you'll save a lot of gas money. This also includes all costs for insurance, maintenance, and even airfare for the occasional trip.
Healthcare ($487 per month) Roughly $329 is spent per month on health insurance premiums.
Food ($455 per month)
Entertainment ($200 per month)
Personal Insurance/Pensions ($187 per month) Life Insurance  in case of their untimely passing, and likely help protect their widow or children should they face a financial shortfall.
Cash Contributions ($209 per month) Mainly giving a portion of their nest egg to various charitable organizations
Other ($287 per month) This catch-all category covers everything from books to alcohol to personal apparel. It's always good to keep a little money set aside for such things.
What does this mean for you? In all, this means the average American retiree (or those 65 and older) is spending about $3,600 per month -- or about $43,600 per year. Using the 4% rule, that would mean a nest egg of over $1 million would be needed to finance the "average" lifestyle.

Article Source: Motley Fool

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