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"Living Life To The Fullest"

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A Life Coach, Communication Specialist and Personal Transformation Specialist, Eileen Bild, is best known for her ability to propel a person into a new way of being. She is a powerful visionary with the skills to quickly recognize the root core of challenges and give tools for SUCCESS.
Eileen transformedher own life 
from sickness and frustration to
Empowerment and Strength.
As she healed and moved into
a new paradigm of living, she
found her life purpose. It has
been said that she is like
a “beacon of light that shines
the path for others so they can
find their way on their life’s journey.”  Every person lucky enough to work with Eileen is touched in a profound way that changes their life for the better. She will take you from Ordinary to Extraordinary. 

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Live Life to the Fullest

September 2016 

We live in an ever changing fast paced world full of opportunity, hope, and promise.  Are you living to the fullest, or do you wonder what that means exactly? 

Life is a journey and in the golden years, we have the opportunity to see the world as meaningful, engaging, and plentiful!  The keys are discovering your passion, being on purpose, and understanding the principles of gratitude, appreciation, and the essence of love.  I will guide you each month in thinking in new ways, gaining greater awareness, and broadening your perspectives.  You will be inspired to explore, to see the beauty in each experience, and to engage in your community.  With each stepping stone in LIFE you will be given encouragement to live your life to the fullest… in the most exciting ways possible.

This month our theme is about exercising your mental and physical muscles. When I was in my late 30’s, I started to have some strange symptoms that began to cause my body to slowly fall apart. There was pain throughout my muscles, chronic fatigue set in, insomnia, brain fog and an overall sense of not quite being “here.” I think you may know what I was eventually diagnosed with…. Fibromyalgia. At that time, it was just beginning to become a household name. My doctor was a fabulous female who had begun to educate herself on the term and suggested that maybe this was what was happening to me. So, she started me on a protocol of prescription pills and regular checkups to gauge my progress. This lasted seven years, culminating with my having a small basket of pills ranging from helping with insomnia and even depression, which I hated to take.

One of our own worst enemies is what we call FEAR- “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Fear is an emotion attached to our thoughts about an experience that can have a debilitating grip on our ability to move forward in life. 
I used to think I could ‘save the world,’ and this would bring me happiness and a fulfilling life. A fulfilled life would come from knowing I am doing something to make a difference and with my efforts the world will become a better place.
The toll this took on me caused constant crying episodes out of exhaustion, frustration, feeling worn out and angry. On top of dealing with this condition, I was raising four young children, three boys and one girl. You can imagine what it was like keeping track of all of them and dealing with a debilitating condition such as Fibromyalgia. My heart broke when my oldest told me one day, “Mom, why are you not happy? You never smile.” For me, I was doing my best to smile, put on a façade and pretend all was okay. Boy, was it not!! I can tell you, it was not easy. Yet, there was something growing deep inside me and finally I hit rock bottom. From here was my turning point. I found a strength that was screaming to get out and could not be contained anymore. After a day of crying, pain and frustration, I sat in my bed, looked up and basically gave a statement of “take me or heal me.” I collapsed into a deep sleep that changed my life forever.

Shortly after this declaration, I found myself being led in a direction that ultimately allowed my body to finally heal. Through mental and physical strengthening my symptoms began to disappear, one by one. A really fabulous journey to say the least. When I realized what was happening, I was elated and soon my body was glowing, as my friends would tell me. So, what did I do? The people I was guided towards to help me heal was Phil Okrend, Certified Life Coach, of Stepping Stones Coaching and a dear friend to this day. He was instrumental in helping me to define my life purpose which set me on a course to step fully into my authentic
self, also become a Certified Life Coach, study for a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and gain the confidence to tap into my creative skills as a Producer/Videographer/Photographer. Dr. Gregory Carter, Chiropractor, of Raleigh, NC, was a life saver. He was my pseudo therapist, I cried a lot on his table, and he adjusted my body so it would release pain and was able to get realigned. I am forever grateful for his professionalism and friendship. I can’t forget Mark Cutler, Acupuncturist, of Advanced Healthcare Solutions in Raleigh, NC. What a gem! We had many wonderful sessions and he too was a pseudo therapist for me, always holding space for me to release any emotional blockages and cleansing that was needed at the time of my sessions with him. Two of my dearest girlfriends, Tatiana Irvin, of Nurturing Hands and Fran Marcus, both from Raleigh, NC, were by my side the whole time, angel sent and supported me in all ways possible. There were many others who were bit players in my life story and I wish to express my deepest gratitude in their participation in my getting better.

Along with working with Phil Okrend, Dr. Gregory Carter, and Mark Cutler, I also took personal responsibility for my healing. I dove into exercising with a purpose to strengthen and tone my body and get my muscles in shape. I feverishly worked to shift my thinking. This included my stopping all reference to “having Fibromyalgia,” doing daily positive affirmations and anything else to create a new thinking pattern. I have learned that when we think something over and over it becomes a new belief. By integrating all the treatments of massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and exercise with the mental strengthening, my overall mind/body became stronger. One of the major changes I made was going organic and vegan for a little while, basically I was doing a major detox and overhaul of “me.” It worked!! Over a short period of time, I was getting healthier, happier and more vibrant. I got my life back and everyone around me noticed. It was so exciting to feel free from all the terrible symptoms that is like a train wreck and very difficult to clean up. But, with perseverance and determination, I was able to beat it and live life more fully.

Today, I am happy to report that Fibromyalgia is no longer in my vocabulary (except here) and I have never had a diagnosis since! As I am in the beginning of my golden years, I can know that as long as I take care of my mind and body, there is hope to live as fully as possible until I hit 100! Cheers to Living Life to the Fullest.

Eileen Bild
Certified Life Coach, Producer/Videographer/Photographer
Changing Lives for the Better!